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How The Gypsy Baker, LLC Successfully Sweetened Up Her Bakery Brand Organically with Master Shot Studios

Master Shot Studios has collaborated and partnered with The Gypsy Baker LLC since its inception in 2016. From baking small orders for family and friends, The Gypsy Baker has grown to a following of over 1000 followers on social media, has crafted over 300 specialty orders, and made thousands of homemade cookies for the holidays (at the time of this blog post) - all organically. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Gypsy Baker continued to thrive organically.

There is something to be said about this: your brand. If you are the owner of your business, YOU are the brand and encapsulate your brand values, mission, vision, and goals. You are the reason your loyal customers keep coming back for more.

The Gypsy Baker website on desktop and mobile

We understand that exposure is important. With social media, The Gypsy Baker was able to connect and grow quickly with its audience. By customizing and personalizing desserts to their own needs, The Gypsy Baker fosters relationships with each client, recognizing their own unique tastes.

Foster your relationships with each customer.

We decided to sweeten things up a little for The Gypsy Baker so that she can focus on what she does best: baking. Here's what we added to the mix as part of the marketing strategy:

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is more than your logo.

We sat down with The Gypsy Baker and reviewed the work that they've accomplished and the people that they connect with.

Core Values

We came up with the core values of The Gypsy Baker. Your core values drive your entire strategy, tone, and many decisions you will make in your business. This not only ensures consistent across your messaging, but integrating what your clients and customers may feel when they connect with you throughout the entire experience.

Your core values drive your decisions and customer experience.

Mission and Vision

The two statements should be written right when you think up your business idea and business plan. If you are reading this and saying to yourself, "Oh, I don't have this," please send us a message so we can get you going! These two statements are different as well. It is not the same thing regurgitated twice. Your mission encompasses how your business will accomplish its goals each day and inspires your vision statement. As for vision, it means the future, as this is what you drive to become.

The Look

Of course, we designed the look and feel of The Gypsy Baker brand from the fonts to the colors. Having a brand book helps you stay consistent with content creation and also gives your brand it's unique identity, messaging, and feel.

brand book colors and fonts

Marketing Strategy

Once you have your brand identity and understand what emotions and goals drive your business, the marketing strategy can manifest.

Marketing Analytics

We took a look at The Gypsy Baker's digital footprint. Since she receives most of her orders through messaging, we both knew we needed to understand the target audience (both new and recurring customers), volume of orders, and seasonal cycle, such as busier holiday times. Since The Gypsy Baker did not have a website or a Google Business Profile until Fall 2023, we relied on sales data to understand what we needed to focus on. If you need help with your Google Business Profile and how to leverage this free tool, message us.

Since the Fall 2023 launch of The Gypsy Baker website with the ability to take online orders, order volume increased dramatically, so much so that she was fully booked for the holiday season. We were able to review which products are most popular so that The Gypsy Baker is aware of what their customers want the most. We found that her cupcakes were the most popular!

woman looking at cell phone facebook post of the gypsy baker

Order volume increased dramatically, so much so that she was fully booked for the holiday season.

The Power of Customer Reviews

One thing Master Shot Studios noticed about The Gypsy Baker - she has over 100 reviews at the time of this post with a 5-star rating. That means 100% of her customers are satisfied and telling others about their positive experience. The Gypsy Baker said that those social media reviews and referrals attribute to much of her business. She also takes the time to respond to each client. The entire cycle repeats and it works organically.

customer reviews on mobile

How To Get More Reviews on Your Business Page

Encouraging current and former customers to leave a review as it helps your business grow is a great first step. Leave a note that encourages a review. If you are struggling to gain reviews, try offering a small discount on the customer's next purchase. Incentives are an excellent way to encourage engagement. However, if you would like the completely organic approach, a shout out or personal message to your customers with a link to the review page is the place to start.

SEO Consulting

We understood that The Gypsy Baker uses tons of imagery to tell their brand story and show off the sweet treats available to customize. This is why we focused heavily on SEO, which is organic, not paid. We optimize the website uses alt tags, consistent messaging, website hierarchy, and searchable terms and keywords relevant to her customers in the Scranton, PA area. A Google Business Profile and social media presence helps build credibility and ranking in search engines. If you need help understanding SEO and how it can help, please message us!

the gypsy baker website panel display

Content Creation

We continue to work alongside The Gypsy Baker and have so much fun creating copy and content. We designed and created a website launch post as well as the annual holiday cookie sale campaign. All content is aligned with the brand guidelines and messaging.

Tip: Posting meaningful content almost daily when your audience is likely to view and engage is a key component in your content strategy. Using relevant images and video is always a big plus!

the gypsy baker content creation posts

You Can Grow Organically Too!

We love working with small business and watch them grow, just like The Gypsy Baker. To watch this home-based bakery go from a few customers to hundreds is simply incredible. Each year as we work together, we like to set goals and push ourselves to get creative and experiment with different marketing promotions, such as in-person events mixed with giveaways, special offers, and a combination of techniques with event photography and video. The opportunities are endless. You just have to be willing to try something new and understand your customer's needs.

If you are ready to try something new for your business, message Master Shot Studios to see how we can guide you through the process.

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