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A brand identity is more than your logo. It is your business values, mission, vision, personality, and audience perception. Your brand can take years to build and seconds to break the reputation. This is why it is important to create guidelines, like a brand book.


A brand book encompasses:

  • core values

  • mission & vision

  • logo variations and icons

  • typefaces and headings

  • official colors

  • how to display certain imagery

  • materials

A brand book not only serves as a helpful guide you as the business owner, but for your employees, contractors, vendors, and anyone whom you work directly with that needs to use your official assets for both print and online projects.

Consistency in messaging and branding is key to grow so that your customers know exactly who you are. 



Digital Brand Book

1 hour work session

Digital Brand Book includes

Digital Deck Source File

2 Revisions

  • Do we get to meet to discuss the scope of the project?
    Yes, I include a meeting up to 1 hour to discuss all of the project requirements. (Phone, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) Any additional meetings will be billed. I communicate with buyers beforehand if they require extra meetings.
  • Do I get revisions?
    Yes, of course. Based on your package selection, the number of revisions listed is included in the price.
  • What is the main method of communication?
    Email is the best for me. It allows me to send your revisions, track changes, and communicate effectively with you. If you prefer I use another chat software, we can certainly discuss.
  • How often do you communicate progress?
    Since the timeline for these videos can be short, I communicate progress daily or every other day. I like to stay in constant communication with my clients about the progress of the video.
  • Do I need to provide anything?
    Yes, I ask for certain attachments, brand guidelines, and the raw video footage to complete the video.
  • Are my videos captioned?
    Captions and transcription are an add-on. An .srt file or side-car file able to be uploaded to Youtube and other video hosting platforms so that users can enable captions when needed. This is great for accessibility and your users will appreciate it.
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