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Capturing the Beauty of the "Hallmark Movie-like" Factoryville Christmas Market

Horse-drawn carriage
Horse-drawn carriage waiting to depart into Factoryville, PA

Off of Route 6-11, passed Keystone College, exists the small town of Factoryville, Pennsylvania. It's a modest small town, full of rich history from the early 1800s. Prior to settling, Captain Robert Reynolds and Stephen Capwell, travelled through dense forest in search of farm land and a better life for their families. They eventually settled on the west side of the Tunkhannock Creek.

Why is the Town Called Factoryville?

During the war of 1812, settlers built a textile factory unlike any other in the entire region. The strength and uniqueness 'The Factory' brought to the area helped aid production during the war. After the the ended, the factory went bankrupt. It wasn't until decades after the war, the small town took on the name Factoryville in 1854.

Who is Christy Mathewson?

Christy Mathewson
Christy Mathewson

Christy Mathewson was one of the first five original inductees into the Baseball

Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Born in 1880, the Factoryville native attended Keystone Academy where he played football and baseball. He pitched for the New York Giants and is considered one of the top ten pitchers of all time with leading stats. The baseball hero is honored greatly in Factoryville with several events throughout the year, such as Christy Mathewson Day. The Factoryville Christmas Market takes place at the Christy Mathewson Park.

Why a Christmas Market in Factoryville?

Organizers of the market were inspired by the European Christmas markets, specifically in Germany, with wooden storefronts, handmade gifts, warm drinks, homemade food, and the coziness and beauty of settling within a picturesque wooded area like the Christy Mathewson Park.

In 2017, the committee kicked off the first holiday market, inviting local vendors and artisans to partake in the festivities and bring the local community together. The market is often quoted as looking like a 'Hallmark movie' because of the beautiful location that is tucked away near the creek and old time feel.

We thought this was an incredibly fitting description, which is why Master Shot Studios wanted to capture the market in a cinematic way. The bridge crossing over the creek, decorated with whimsical and twinkling lights, is simply perfect for taking selfies and making memories.

How You Can Support the Local Community?

There are so many talented artisans and craftsman at this market. From homemade, organic honey and maple syrup, to handcrafted wood carvings, to local brews, you are sure to find all kinds of gifts and goodies that appeal to your taste. Supporting local businesses is a way to keep the community vibrant, connected, and sustainable. So, instead of buying a mass-produced gift from a big box store, try to help a small business and purchase a higher quality, personalized, handcrafted gift. It may mean a lot more to the special person you give it to. It means the world to the local business you purchased it from.

Follow the Factoryville Christmas Market on Facebook to stay updated and show your support.

Why Does Master Shot Studios Cover Local Events?

Markets and local events like this one help our communities grow. This is why Master Shot Studios cares so deeply to promote local brands and elevate small business through video, photography, and marketing. Sometimes, posting flyers on social media may not be enough to gain a following or grow participation at an event. Professional event photography and video are extremely engaging, especially when it shows reality in a magical way.

According to Sprout Social, 93% of companies have acquired new customer(s) via social media video. Next, is professional imagery. Here are some additional convincing statistics:

  • Half of social media users prefer video over other types of content.

  • 62% of users report increased interest in a product after viewing a related Facebook video.

  • 73% of businesses report acquiring new customers from an Instagram Story.

The numbers don't lie. Video is growing in demand and is the most consumed form of content. Is your business using video to your advantage? Are you getting the engagement you want? Master Shot Studios can help you answer any video marketing questions and produce something unique for your business. We're so excited to chat with you about your next event or idea!




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