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Learn Video Editing in 1 Hour

I'm serious. You can learn the basics of editing your own videos in about one hour, especially with my online course on! Think of it as Editing 101 in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Why would I even offer this? I'm a video editor? I can edit your videos, right? Very true. However, I want to empower you to try and learn new skills. Using a complex technology or software feels incredible once it finally clicks and you can navigate it with ease to get things done.

Why Should I Make Videos for My Business?

People, I could go on and on. Let me keep it short and give some statistics:

People are 52% more likely to share video content than any other form of content.

What You Get from the Video Editing Course

  • Access to downloadable project files to follow along with lessons

  • Ask me questions in the discussion forum

  • Self-paced learning

  • Spend an hour with me! :)

What Others Say About the Course

I wouldn't steer you wrong, but it does make it more enticing when you read what others have to say about the course:

This truly was a 1 hour and this is how you do it lesson. Easy to follow and engaging. Hopefully an advanced lesson comes out soon.
ShannOn's class was a perfect beginner tutorial, just the right amount of info for someone who has never used Premiere. She is funny and engaging and has a very pleasant voice, I found myself totally absorbed and focused from beginning to end, whereas when I've watched other tutorials on Premiere I drift off often and find it very difficult to follow. Really appreciated this course, thanks ShannOn!

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Just 1 Hour of Learning Can Change Your Life

Okay, maybe it won't change your entire life. But learning how to edit your own videos will make your life easier and improve your business. Remember that you always have me to provide guidance on engagement, metrics, advertising, and storytelling!

What Kind of Videos Can We Make?

This is only limited to your creativity. We are always open to your ideas. Here are a few types of videos that are engaging, fun, and can tell your brand story. Many of these work well as short-form content or can be broken down into awesome 30-second pieces.

  • Product Promo

  • Brand Story

  • Employee Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Product Reviews

  • Event Promos

  • About the Owner

  • 'How It Works' for Products or Services

  • Motion Graphics with Music/Voiceover

  • Podcast Clips

  • Tours

  • Fun Facts

  • Holiday Promos

  • Traditional Advertisements

  • Slideshows

  • Interviews

  • Behind-the-Scenes

  • Customer/Influencer Content

  • Webinars/Workshops

  • Yeah, you will not run out of ideas once you get going!

Invest in Master Shot Studios Video Services

If you find that video editing is taking up too much of your time, or that you prefer someone else to take over, you can always reach out to us to make your dreams a reality and turn your vision into a sharable story.

80% of small business owners say that YouTube helped them grow their customer base.

Video is one of the most engaging, if not the most engaging, form of media. Well, until we nail down virtual reality! We understand that videos take tome to make, which is why we are your go-to source for all this video like scripting, content strategy, storyboarding, on-site shoots, editing, mixing, social media video strategy, and more!

Chat with us today about elevating your brand story.



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